Supplier Support

Supply Chain Collaboration

 As a supplier dependent business, we recognize that a key factor in meeting our customer demands and supporting efficient operations is improved supply chain relations. We take a priority in developing our supplier relationships to expand our level of engagement and collaboration.

 “Your Success is Our Mission” is profoundly and deeply ingrained in Marotta’s culture, and extends beyond our customers to include the success of our suppliers. Regardless of where you are in the supply chain you also have a stake in the success of our customers and any contribution that can enhance our mission is most welcome.

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Performance Matters

 We strive to drive a change in our performance and metrics, we want to drive a change in our thinking. We need all of our suppliers to think progressively and to collaborate earlier in the process. Together we need to focus on continuous improvement for technology, reliability, capacity and generating outstanding value for our customers.

Partnerships are about more than just the transaction – they are relationships that evolve gradually and grow progressively over time, offering options for the future and unforeseen opportunities. Together we can achieve success through a change in thinking, being customer-driven, and challenging continuous improvement.