Chilled Water Valves

Submersible Solenoid Valves

The MV286A Series cold water valves were developed to provide reliable control for air conditioning chilled water systems.  This innovative design features a durable one-piece polypropylene poppet which provides improved performance, long-term reliability and ease of maintenance.  A manual override is provided in case of a power failure or for manual operation.

Our range of chilled water valves deliver exceptional durability and reliability when compared to other manufacturers’. This is due in no small part to the strict quality controls we implement throughout our processes. Like everything else we manufacture, these chilled water control valves are made to adhere to the highest military standards and requirements.

Our extensive in-house capabilities in engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing and testing ensure these submersible valves will stand up to the harshest conditions and perform at the highest levels.


  • Fuel Oil Service
  • Pneumatic Service
  • Turbine Bleed Air Controls
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Flask Isolation
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Maneuverability Controls


These submersible Solenoid Valves meet the 2-way chilled water valve requirements of MIL-R-16743.  They are supplied with the MIL-F-1183 bronze silver-brazed union ends.  These are also available with copper nickel union ends for quick installation, or other materials of your choice.  Units are also suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic fluids as well as light oils operating up to 400 psig.

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Splashproof & Submersible

Marotta has engineered a solution to prevent water intrusion into the solenoid.  This new technology meets the requirements of MIL-STD-108E for splash-proof and for submersible applications.

  • Sizes available from 3/8″ to 2″, 2-way normally closed/normally open
  • Polypropylene poppet for long life and bubble tight sealing
  • Meets MIL-S-901 shock and MIL-167 vibration requirements
  • Operates with pressure differentials as low as 3 psid
  • Can withstand differential pressure across the poppet as high as 400 psig
  • Available with Intelligent Fluid Control Electronics for distributed system control

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