Thermal Management Systems

Fully Integrated Thermal Control Systems

Combining our legacy in valve technology with our electronic controls capabilities Marotta has developed several robust thermal management systems for mission critical electronic enclosures. These systems’ digital controls provide precise cooling and remotely monitor data for maintenance, ensuring reliability in performance.

Our solutions are made to perform in mission-critical systems for surface ship applications. Thermal management requires reliable equipment to ensure the proper temperature is maintained throughout operation. Our reputation for quality is well-known, having spent decades serving the most demanding sectors of the aerospace and military industries.


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Automatic Source Transfer Valve

The ASTV consists of two valve manifolds and one valve controller. The controller selects the most appropriate valve manifold to use based on system feedback. This system provides digital control of chilled water from the main supply lines to mission-critical electronics enclosures.

  • Drip proof, splashproof, watertight control panel
  • Modular installation
  • Automatic control of chilled water supply
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Integrated Electronic Controller

Marotta’s Integrated Electronic Controller (IEC) has been recently developed to modernize auxilary control functions within shipboard Mission Critical Enclosures (MCE). Marotta’s IEC incorporates four major functions into one unit including power supplies, house keeping controller with remote command and status, thermal environmental control and battle short logic.

  • Housekeeping controller
  • Power supply
  • Thermal environmental control
  • Battle short logic
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