Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Millisecond Operation for Enhanced Survivability

Marotta Controls delivers fire suppression systems created for mission-critical applications such as naval and military vehicles. Our military vehicle fire suppression systems are counted on to perform under the toughest conditions imaginable and do their job as effectively as possible. More robust than commercial fire suppression systems, our solutions can be depended upon to keep personnel and assets safe at all times.

Our automatic fire suppression systems are specifically designed for military combat vehicles to enhance survivability against fires caused by IEDs or penetrating munitions. The system can disperse aqueous-based or gas suppressants in less than 10 milliseconds and is capable of suppressing all possible types of fire, large or small, including tire fires which are extremely difficult to extinguish. Our marine fire suppression systems and ship fire suppression systems are built with technology proven to work even in the harshest environments.


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Combat Proven Technology

For decades, our heritage fire suppression valve and bottle dispersing system has been saving lives on the Abrams, Bradley Fighting Vehicle and M113, as well as Australian, Saudi and South Korean armored military vehicles.  Over 70,000 units of our heritage fire suppression systems have been produced.

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System Features

  • <10 millisecond response time
  • 5 millisecond mechanical response
  • HFC—227ea or Halon 1301 gas suppressants
  • Bicarbonate based solid suppressant optional
  • Combat proven technology
  • Solenoid operated valve
  • Electrical: 16-30 VDC at less than 3.5A
  • Side & bottom discharge ports in one unit
  • Pressure switch monitors pressure
  • Hermetically sealed container meets 10-6 SCC of Helium/sec leakage requirement