Motor Operated Pilot Valve

Contaminant-Tolerant Fluid Controls

The qualified Motor Operated Pilot Valve series, integrates advanced materials and electronics to reduce weight, life cycle costs, and corrosion sensitivity of shipboard fluid control systems. Using a self-contained seawater valve, (also available in 2-, 3- way), this 4-way, 2-position pilot control valve provides two control functions, as a four-port master MOPV and a three-port service MOPV.

This series also uses a modular design which enables easy maintenance, both on ship and in depot. Each module can be easily replaced aboard ship without disturbing the remaining assemblies.

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A four-port master MOPV is used to initiate aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) concentrate flow and fire-main flow for mixing and disbursement to AFFF systems aboard the Navy fleet. The three-port MOPV will serve as the local disbursement valve for either fire-main flow or the AFFF mixture.

Responding to control signals, the motor operated actuator opens and closes the valve by turning a rotor within the valve body. The rotor, which contains the valve’s fluid control passages, rotates 90 degrees to open or close. In the event of a signal or power loss, the rotor is easily actuated manually by an integrated hand crank.

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Design Features

  • Visual and electrical position indicator
  • Solid-state controls on single, replaceable circuit board
  • Low-cost maintenance and logistics
  • Ability to operate in any physical orientation
  • Reliable mechanical design
  • Service interval of 25 years
  • Long maintenance interval
  • Robust design
  • Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-way
  • Manual override
  • Seawater corrosion resistant
  • Modular, easy installation