Flow Controls

Legacy in Flow Controls

Founded in 1943, Marotta has over 77 years in designing and developing high-performance flow controls for the Aerospace, Space & Marine market segments. Our extensive experience has allowed our innovative engineering team to evolve proven, qualified flow controls to continuously meet the growing demands of advanced platforms today. We are the world-wide standard in solenoid valve technology and have developed capabilities in a wide-range of flow control products, including proportional controls, propulsion controls and shipboard application systems.

Solenoid Valves

With over 77 years of experience and hundreds of patented flow control valves, we have the widest selection of solenoids as well as the expertise to design and manufacture solutions to meet your requirements. 

  • Balanced poppet design
  • Customized solutions available
  • Flight-qualified

Pressure Controls

Marotta is a global leader in controlling flow and pressure with extensive experience in the aerospace, space and marine sectors.  Precision pressure controls capable of meeting requirements in extreme environments and have over 70 years of proven performance

  • Check Valves
  • Pressure Regulators and Reducers
  • Relief Valves

Satellite Propulsion Controls

Our flight qualified engineered propulsion controls are compact, lightweight, use minimal power and are compatible with storable propellants used in electric propulsion and chemical propulsion feed systems.

  • Latching and non-latching isolation valves
  • Thruster valves
  • Proportional control valves

Shipboard Controls

Marotta Controls designs, develops, manufactures and qualifies high-performance motion and flow control systems for surface ships, submarines and deep submergence vessels. Our components and systems meet stringent naval requirements and MIL standards for shock, vibration and low acoustic signature as well as resistance to seawater corrosion. 

  • Valve Manifolds
  • Thermal Management Systems
  • Auto-Stop/Excess Flow Valves

Piezo Actuated Controls

Advanced, multi-functional characteristics of proportional controls enables one single valve to be used for isolation and regulation – which would conventionally require several different devices.

  • < 0.5 millisecond response time
  • Compact, lightweight designs
  • < 1 milliamp power draw