Shipboard Controls

Every US Surface Combatant and Submarine goes to sea with Marotta valves and controls serving in mission-critical applications. Marotta Controls designs, develops, manufactures and qualifies high-performance motion and flow control solutions for surface ships, submarines and deep submergence vessels.

Our components and systems meet stringent naval requirements and MIL standards for shock, vibration and low acoustic signature as well as resistance to seawater corrosion. We have pioneered next-generation technologies that use advanced materials and embedded electronics to reduce the weight, life cycle cost, size and corrosion sensitivity.

Program Experience

  • Aegis
  • Air Warfare Destroyer
  • Astute Class Submarine
  • CG-47 Class
  • Columbia Class
  • CVN-78 Class
  • DDG-51 Class
  • F100/F310 Frigates
  • LCS Class
  • LHA Class
  • Virginia Class

Valve Manifolds

Manifold offerings range from simple single inlet to multiple outlets, to multi-chambered flow control units. Our manifolds are of single block or “building block” construction, and all valving is plug-in type.

  • Configuration control
  • Space-saving designs
  • Quieting manifold technology

Motor Operated Valves

Developed specifically for maritime applications, our controls can work with DC brushless, servo and proportional control systems with a variety of power, torque, speed and positioning requirements.

  • Resists seawater corrosion
  • Solid-state electronics
  • 25 year service interval

Control Actuation Systems

Designed for challenging naval environments, electromechanical actuation systems are capable of sustaining high angular velocity at high torsional load levels. All mechanical, electronic and software elements are fully integrated.

  • Accurate fin position control
  • High stiffness – low backlash
  • High bandwidth

Piezo Actuated Valves

Advanced piezo technology can control flow parameters in real time and adjust orifice size to meet your desired flow and pressure. The responsive actuator, integrated pressure transducers and strain gauges provide state-of-the-art proportional control in a compact and lightweight package.

  • Up to 10,000 psi
  • Multi-functional operation: isolation and regulation
  • < 0.5 millisecond operation

Submersible Solenoid Valves

Our patented solenoid valve technology features the Marotta-originated balanced-poppet design.These cost efficient solenoid valves are available in a variety of sizes, pressures and flows. Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-way brass body or stainless steel materials.

  • Submersible designs
  • Suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic, light oil
  • Ease of maintenance

In-Line Valves

This unique multi-function high flow technology features a distinctive coaxial flow path that offers a significantly lower pressure drop compared to conventional valves of similar size.Can be used as either a check valve, shut off valve, reducing valve or relief valve.

  • Space saving axial flow configuration
  • Reduces manpower requirements
  • Piloted or motor operated

Pressure Reducers & Regulators

Available as lightweight stand-alone valves or as cartridge designs, our single stage pressure reducers cove a wide range of regulated outlet pressures. Marotta regulators offer an integral relief valve to accurately maintain system pressure.

  • Protect against over-pressure
  • Wide range of flows and pressures
  • Eliminate “diaphragm fatigue” failures