Electronic Motor Controls

Ruggedized Electronic Controls

Electronic control systems that incorporate cutting-edge technologies with proven high-voltage motor drive and closed loop servo techniques to provide optimal solutions for critical applications.

Our extensive engineering development and production experience enables us to provide a wide-variety of high performance electronic motor controls to meet environmental, packaging and cost requirements.


  • Fan, Compressor & Pump Drives
  • Bomb Rack Interfaces
  • Flight Control Actuation
  • Electromagnetic Actuation
  • UAV Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Shipboard Electronics
  • Aircraft Systems
  • C4ISR

Design Features

Digital Control

All electronicmotor controllers, including motion control, are fully digital, for stable performance and increased reliability over analog implementations.

DC Brushless Motor Commutation

DC Brushless motor commutation with feedback options:  sensorless, Hall effect, resolver

Electronic Motor Control Circuits

State-of-the-art motor control circuits use compact IGBT packages; low voltage drives employ MOSFET packages

Power Supply Design

Single phase and three phase AC and high voltage DC input power conversion; proven low voltage bias supply designs

Digital Communications

CAN and RS422 digital links for command and health status monitoring as well as diagnostics

Mechanical Actuation Controls

Servo loop techniques combined with digital precision are employed in Marotta actuator drives

Ancillary Controls

Customized closed loop temperature, pressure and motor controls for fluid pressure and flow delivery processes

Built-In-Test (BIT)

Extensive multi-mode BIT for fault monitoring and LRU isolation requirements


Over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protections

EMI and Power Quality Management 

DC and AC input supplies meet all EMI and Power Quality requirements, tailored to the application

Component Technologies

  • Silicon Carbide MOSFETs
  • GaN FETs
  • IGBTs
  • Silicon MOSFETs
  • Amorphous Magnetics
  • High Performance Film & Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Rugged Sheet Metal
  • Thin Wall Enclosures

Motor Drive Capabilities

  • Trapezoid Drive
  • Sensorless
  • Hall-Effect (Digital & Analog)
  • Resolver
  • Full Digital Control
  • 300W to 6.3kW
  • Flight Qualified Solutions


Pneumatic System Electronic Controller

An Autotransformer Rectifier Unit (ATRU) provides conversion from 3 phase AC to high voltage DC. Excellent power factor, low harmonic characteristics, high conversion efficiency of 94%.

  • Three phase 400 Hz 115 VAC
  • Power handling 3000 VA
  • RS422 digital link with BIT reporting
  • Three phase AC input power, with PPFC or 270 VDC power
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Dual Channel Electronic Controller

A sensorless, variable speed motor controller integrated with our patented 1-STEP AC/DC conversion and digital power control for optimum power management. This design was engineered with extensive BIT and reporting capabilities, including temperature controls for the manifold and compressor.

  • Discrete control and status interface
  • 270 VDC
  • 3.5 kW per channel
  • 14,000 RPM
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Hydraulic Pump Electronic Controller

Provides hydraulic power on the ground to actuate weapons bay and landing gear doors, landing gear, brakes and steering during maintenance mode.  It also operates in emergency mode, providing backup hydraulics in the event of an engine failure

  • Motor output power – up to 6.3 kw
  • MISRA C software, qualified, safety critical
  • Discrete direction control input
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Compressor System Electronic Controller

Engineered with extensive BIT and reporting capabilities, the MPACT6000 electronic control unit has a motor drive output to 800W, 1200W peak, sensorless.  Includes digital CANBus communications and three phase AC input power with power factor correction.

  • Sensorless variable speed
  • Electronic motor control output to 800W, 1200W peak
  • Digital CANBus communications
  • Passive power factor correction
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MPACT 3000

Compressor System Electronic Controller

The MPACT3000 controller features a DC brushless, sensorless variable speed operation which reduces cost and weight while increasing reliability.  Its Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) automatically adjusts the characteristics of the electric load for maximum stability and efficiency, while minimizing harmonics on the main power feed.

  • Sensorless variable speed
  • Single phase 400 Hz 115 VAC
  • Power Handling 290 VA
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