Control Systems

Next-Generation Control Systems

Marotta Controls leverages its 78 years in extensive experience in mechanical controls to develop high-performance, and advanced control systems. Our portfolio of critical control systems includes high pressure pneumatic systems, fully integrated control actuation systems and qualified flow controls.

All of these control systems are designed, developed, qualified and tested to extreme requirements in our state-of-the-art facility. Our custom control systems can withstand the harshest conditions and demanding situations in which they are used. For instance, our valve manifolds enable ship control systems in the ocean to deliver exceptional performance even while exposed to saltwater and low temperatures. Our satellite control systems perform in the vacuum of space without sacrificing reliability — and are based on our decades of work in developing technologies used outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Our extensive in-house resources and state-of-the-art facilities make us a leader in the industry.

MPACT Brochure

Control Actuation Systems

Designed for challenging naval environments, electromechanical actuation systems are capable of sustaining high angular velocity at high torsional load levels. All mechanical, electronic and software elements are fully integrated.

  • Accurate fin position control
  • High stiffness – low backlash
  • High bandwidth

Compressor Systems

Flight-qualified compressor systems increase overall performance and reliability for IR missile seeker cooling and weapon ejection applications.

  • Weapon Ejection & Release
  • IR Missile Seeker Cooling
  • Eliminate pyrotechnics for increased reliability

High Pressure Pneumatic Systems

We have a wide variety of proven, reliable high pressure pneumatic innovations – from simple high pressure valves and bottles to the innovative MPACT® Pure Air Compression Technology system which is fully integrated with electronics, micro-compressor, and valve/manifold system

  • Weapon Ejection & Release
  • Pneumatic Cable Cutter
  • Firing Valves