Miniature Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves for In-Space Propulsion

Leveraging from over 77 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing solenoid valves for Aerospace systems, our engineering team developed a series of miniature flow controls for satellite propulsion systems.

Marotta’s miniature valves include latching and non-latching variants to meet the requirements of both high and low pressure systems found in satellite propulsion systems.

In the harsh environment of space, with the exacting requirements of mission-critical components, miniature solenoid valves from Marotta have proven time and again to be up to the task of precision flow control for numerous applications. In space applications, efficiency in size, weight and power usage are of paramount importance. Our mini solenoid valves meet these requirements, delivering reliable, robust construction in a compact package that can operate in low power scenarios.

Small solenoid valves are among the most important components in satellite and aerospace applications, better ensuring the continued proper operation of propulsion systems, XFCs, in-situ cleaning systems and more. As a miniature solenoid valve manufacturer with decades of experience in high-profile space and satellite applications, we are ready to provide the valves you need. Learn more about our products below.

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Latching Solenoid Valve

Composed of stainless steel, all welded construction and a plastic seat, the MV602L meets the demands for high reliability, tight leakage and quick response. MV602L miniature latching solenoid valves are designed for applications where power is limited or sensitive to high temperature operation.

  • Xenon Feed Systems
  • Micro-Propulsion
  • Cold Gas Propulsion
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High Pressure Non- Latching Solenoid Valve

The MV602 delivers maximum performance while requiring minimal power, physical envelope and weight. The highly optimized all-welded design in the MV602 miniature high-pressure solenoid valve can be used in a wide variety of applications, from Xenon Feed Systems to Gaseous Oxygen Systems and Micro Propulsion Systems. 

  • Response time < 10 milliseconds
  • Minimal power draw
  • Inlet and outlet filtration
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Low Pressure Non- Latching Solenoid Valve

The flight-qualified SPV187 has been specifically developed for satellite in-space propulsion applications.  With its low power requirement, minimal envelope and low mass, the SPV187 is ideal for all classes of platforms, from large telecoms to small science satellites.

  • Electric propulsion thruster isolation
  • Response time < 10 milliseconds
  • Less than 30 grams
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Solenoid Valve

The robust MV020’s leakage paths, moving parts, and weldments are minimized to provide a compact, robust design. Pressures and flow rates may be adjusted depending on specific applications

  • Minimal power consumption
  • Compatible with GHe, GN2, Xe, Ar, NTO and MMH
  • Suitable for pressurization and propulsion systems
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Satellite Heritage


The MV602L was incorporated into the ADM-Aeolus mission, where it was adapted for use in the Aeolus Oxygen Rated In-Situ Cleaning System.

Lisa Pathfinder

The MV602L miniature solenoid’s latch technology is a key component of the Cold Gas Micro-Propulsion system on the LISA Pathfinder satellite.


The SPV 187 was qualified on the Xenon Flow Controller (XFC) of the Snecma PPS1350 Hall Effect Thruster flown on the SMART-1 mission.


SPV187 was a key component of the proportional XFC which provided the critical drag compensation capability that enabled the GOCE mission to exceed expectations


SPV187 was integrated into the in the Xenon Flow Controller of the Alphasat platform, Europe’s largest and most sophisticated telecom satellite.