Pneumatic Guillotine

Pneumatic Cable Cutter

Sever Bars or Cables in Milliseconds

Designed to sever the cable of a device in tow in the event of an emergency, Marotta’s Pneumatic Guillotine is the first pneumatic cable cutter to replace pyrotechnics in a military application. The Pneumatic Guillotine is also ideal for in-flight refueling hose and drogue applications. Customers throughout the marine, defense and aerospace industries depend on us to deliver solutions that are maximized for performance and efficiency.

By using high-pressure compressed air, Marotta’s Pneumatic Guillotine cable cutter eliminates costly pyrotechnics and their associated blast residue, improving safety, maintenance and logistics issues. Designed with high reliability and long service life in mind, the anvil and blade are repairable, and the entire system is depot replaceable. We have developed a strong reputation for the design and manufacture of high-quality parts, giving us the edge over our competitors when it comes to mission critical systems.


  • Pneumatic Cutting
  • In-Flight Refueling
  • Hose and Drogue
  • Surveillance Tow


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  • Millisecond operation
  • Manual actuator override
  • Blade & anvil repairable
  • Qualified MIL-STD-810
  • Qualifies MIL-STD-R-8573
  • 2” opening designed to cut 1″ cable
  • Salt, fog, humidity, sand, dust resistant
  • 5 ms operation time for cutter
  • 25 ms operation for solenoid valve
  • Long service life

Cable Cutter Assembly

A simplified piston based design, with an actuator force of 8,900 lbs. Equipped with a manual override which allows the cutter to be activated in the event of a loss of pressure.

Pressure Vessel

The system’s pressure vessel provides pressurized volume of gas sufficient to stroke the guillotine cutter. Vessel meets requirements of MIL-R-8573 including gunfire fragmentation.

Solenoid Valve

A 3-way/2-position solenoid valve, Model MV74, a core product of Marotta, is equipped with a manual override which allows the cutter to be activated in the event of a loss of power.