Power Electronics

High Performance Controls

Offering a diverse portfolio in power electronics, Marotta’s innovative solutions have been selected by a wide-range of advanced military and commercial aircraft and marine platforms for reliable and highly efficient system performance.

Our world-class electronic engineering team understands the challenges system designers face in controlling power and design solutions to meet the demands for performance in extreme environments while reducing size, weight and cost to increase overall efficiency.


  • Aircraft Systems
  • Tactical Systems
  • Shipboard Applications
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Missile Avionics
  • UAV Guidance & Control
  • Radar Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Launcher Interfaces

Electronic Motor Controls

Electronic motor drive controls are qualified for use in air generation systems, compressor systems, thermal management systems, hydraulic systems and high-pressure pneumatic systems.

  • Sensorless, variable speed
  • Cost effective
  • Rapid development

1-STEP AC-DC Power Conversion

Patented 1-STEP technology is revolutionizing power conversion with an innovative circuit solution that uniquely achieves 3-phase active power factor correction, power regulation and electrical isolation in a single conversion step .

  • Near unity power factor
  • <2 % Total harmonic distortion
  • 500W to 150W output power

Power Conversion & Distribution

Award-winning, patented power supply and power conversion technologies are customized to meet the challenging requirements of commercial and military aircraft platforms.

  • High power density
  • Minimal size and weight
  • High efficiency