IR Missile Seeker Cooling

MPACT High Pressure Pure Air Generating System

The MPACT airborne high pressure pure air generating system is a proven low-risk solution for infrared missile seeker cooling applications.  From missile load to launch, the MPACT system provides a continuous flow of pure, dry air to cool the missile seeker.  Because the air is virtually free of moisture and other impurities, MPACT reduces fouling or freezing of the seeker, which increases missile efficiency and combat readiness.

The MPACT IR missile seeker cooling system reduces life cycle costs by eliminating the need for gas canisters, refills. The MPACT system consists of three main components:  a valve/manifold assembly; a micro-compressor; and a DC brushless electronic control unit.  Because of its modular design, MPACT is adaptable to a wide variety of system design requirements.

Technical Paper



  • Enhance operational readiness
  • Increase seeker efficiency
  • Improve seeker reliability
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Minimize life cycle costs
  • Simple installation


  • Four stage micro compressor
  • Operating pressure: 3,050 psi
  • DC brushless sensorless controller
  • Single phase, 115 VAC
  • Qualified software
  • System power consumption; up to 290 VA

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