Service Valves

Fill & Drain/Service Valves

Marotta developed the FDV060 line of fill and drain valves to maintain ultra-tight leakage rates at a competitive cost. The valve utilizes a metal/ceramic main seat arrangement derived from crewed spaceflight applications, with redundant secondary seals and an optional tertiary cap and seal.

FDV060 features a load limiting design to increase allowable open/close cycles and simplify customer operation. The base design is easily configurable to customer needs – differing operating pressures, line fluids, and other specifications can all be met. Marotta leveraged our experience in higher volume commercial spaceflight valve production to offer these components at a highly competitive cost with reduced lead times.

Compatible Fluids

  • Helium
  • Hydrogen
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • MMH
  • MON3
  • Nitrogen
  • NTO
  • RP-1
  • Xenon

Fill & Drain Valve

  • Internal/External Leakage rates <1E-6 SCCS GHe
  • Lightweight, <.33 lbm
  • Seat load limiting, robust design
  • Configurable interface and mounting
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