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Reliable Control Solutions for Every Application

We design and manufacture control solutions from the most fundamental building block components to completely integrated systems and subsystems for the Marine, Weapons, Space, Aerospace, Land and Industrial markets.

Marine Systems

We specialize in Naval Weapons, Shipboard Controls and Manifolds. Our control solutions meet stringent naval requirements and MIL Standards such as shock, vibration and resistance to seawater corrosion for surface ships, submarines and other deep submergence applications.

Explore Controls for Marine >>

Weapon Systems

Our advanced electromechanical controls deliver superior performance for tactical missiles and smart weapons including control actuation systems, power supply and conversion, IR missile seeker cooling, and weapon ejection/release.

Explore Controls for Weapons >>

Space Systems

We offer a wide variety of control solutions for mission critical space systems including launch vehicles, ISS cargo supply vehicles, satellites and deep space probes.

Explore Controls for Space >>

Aerospace Systems

Compact, lightweight controls for electric, pneumatic and hydraulic systems throughout military and commercial aircraft.

Explore Controls for Aerospace >>

Industrial Systems

We have unique solutions to the challenges with high cracking pressures with chemical injection systems and other industrial processes.

Explore Controls for Industrial >>

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