Compressor Systems

Qualified Pure Air Compressor Systems

The MPACT series provides a continuous on-board supply of high-pressure pure air designed specifically for the cooling of infrared missile seekers and for accurate weapon separation. MPACT’s compact, clean and lightweight designs eliminate pyrotechnic devices, improve mission flexibility , forward deployment and logisitics.


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MPACT 3000 – IR Missile Seeker Cooling

This airborne compressor system provides a continuous, reliable supply of high pressure pure air, replacing pyrotechnics and gas bottles. It controls the high pressure pure air for the cooling of infra-red missile seekers.

  • Four-stage, single head micro-compressor, 3050 psi
  • Flow rate 6-7 SLPM
  • Sensorless variable speed motor drive

MPACT 6000 – Weapon Ejection System

Designed for single and multi-station next-generation bomb racks and launchers, this system provides a continuous source of high-pressure pure air for accurate weapon separation. Compact, clean and lightweight, these systems can be installed in the bomb rack, weapons bay or wing pylons.

  • Four-stage, single or double micro-compressor, 5880 psi
  • Flow rate 6-7 SLPM to 12-14 SLPM
  • Sensorless variable speed motor drive