Cold Gas Microthruster

High Performance, Low Power

As spacecraft become smaller, so do the corresponding power generation devices, such as solar arrays.  Satellite thermal management becomes a bigger issue with increased difficulty to dissipate heat from power consuming satellite components.  As a result, smaller micro-spacecraft demand that less power be consumed by spacecraft components.

Marotta’s unique cold gas microthruster (CGMT) and electronics driver combination is capable of very low power operation.  The resulting low power component provides an order of magnitude reduction in solenoid coil heating compared to an ordinary continuous duty solenoid.


  • Satellite Propulsion
  • Spacecraft Propulsion
  • Attitude Control Systems
  • Reaction Control Systems


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Cold Gas Microthruster

The flight-qualified CGMT yields high efficiency to achieve full performance in challenging thermal environments using passive cooling techniques.

  • Less than 5 milliseconds response time
  • Operating temperatures -18°C to 50°C
  • GN2 or inert gas
  • Less than 1 watt peak power
  • Thruster Mass < 60 grams
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