Relief Valves

Reliable, Repeatable Control

We offer a complete line of soft opening and closing relief valves for high pressure applications with excellent, repeatable control and a tight cracking/reseat pressure band due to upstream pressure control.

Marotta has developed pressure relief valves for systems that contain gases and liquids in a variety of pneumatic, hydraulic and cryogenic applications. These improved hydraulic relief valves and pneumatic pressure relief valves are designed to suppress instabilities that shorten operational lifetimes and create hazards in the operation of older relief valves. Marotta has a wide selection of low and high water pressure relief valves with excellent control characteristics.


  • High pressure applications
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Aircraft controls
  • Missile controls
  • Shipboard controls


Unlike other direct-acting relief valves, the PRV95 has a pressure-sensing disc on the poppet upstream of the seat that controls the valve position. By placing this control surface in the area of relatively constant fluid density, the PRV95 provides highly stable control throughout its operating range.

  • Smooth, chatter-free operation
  • Contamination tolerant
  • Cartridge designs for ease of maintenance
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Patented design for chatter-free operation, this marine pressure relief valve was developed for critical applications on advanced nuclear submarines. The PRV95 provides repeatable operation with minimal hysteresis and eliminates the effects of turbulence on valve operation.

  • Patented design
  • Manual override and gagging options
  • Maximized repeatability
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Positive Pressure Relief Valve

The PPRV inverted pressure relief valve is specifically designed to safely relieve space capsule over-pressurization. The proven, flight-qualified valve’s Vespel® seat, piston and o-ring seal prevent leakage paths from depressurizing the capsule.

  • Adjustable cracking pressure
  • Floating piston design
  • Compact design, low maintenance
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