Electronic Pressure Regulator

Up to 10,000 psi

Marotta’s patented electronic pressure regulator is suitable for spaceflight, defense and facility applications. Through a closed loop electronic control system controlling piezo-actuated pilot valves, the regulator constantly measures actual downstream outlet pressure and adjusts to changing inlet conditions.

The precise flow control results in accurate outlet pressure insensitive to inlet pressure, flow rate and temperature. The Marotta 10K Regulator multifunctionality provides positive isolation and precise flow control and pressure regulation.

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Electronically Controlled, Piezo Actuated Regulator

The MFV400 electronic regulator is a hybrid mechanical-electronic system that provides flexible, accurate, and stable pressure regulation across a large pressure ratio.

The hybrid design of the system combines mechanical and electronic pressure control. Transient stability and pressure regulation is handled by the mechanical system. Longer time frame deviations, set point, and output pressure are handled by the electronic control system. This hybrid approach enables very fast, accurate, stable, and scalable operation without large electronic power or control input. Time averaged power draw is less than 10W, and peak draw is less than 45W.

The system consists of a dome loaded regulator with two pilots that can increase or decrease dome pressure as needed during operation. The dome pilot valves are actuated by an electronic control system that constantly measures system output pressure and increases or decreases dome pressure as required to correct for output pressure error

Our rigorous approach to quality control and precision design is what makes our components stand out from the competition. With our long history of serving customers in some of the most demanding industries with the most rigid standards, we have developed a reputation for supplying products that deliver the highest levels of performance.

For more than 75 years, we have been a trusted supplier to clients including the U.S. Navy and NASA. Our extensive capabilities in engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing and testing ensure we always provide the best control system solutions. This is why we are the only small business to win the coveted NASA George M. Low Award for Quality and Excellence twice.

Design Features

Output Pressure Error Correction:

Accurate/minimal Deviation in output pressure regardless of inlet conditions

Flexible Set Point:

Outlet pressure can be varied on command

Output of System Status:

Customer system will be informed of a regulator fault


Failure of 1 transducer will not result in failure of system. Failure of 2 or more transducers will close regulator.

Normally Closed

Can act as an isolation valve, combining two functions into one device

Fluid Compatibility:

Compatible with earth storable propellants N2O4 and MMH & less aggressive fluids

Piezo Actuated Pilots:

Proportional control of pilots enables smoother corrections.