Pneumatic Systems

High Pressure Pneumatic Systems

We have a wide variety of proven, reliable high pressure pneumatic innovations – from simple high pressure valves and bottles to the innovative MPACT® Pure Air Compression Technology system which is fully integrated with electronics, micro-compressor, and valve/manifold system.

With extensive experience in pneumatic controls our facility is contains the infrastructure to manage high volume production for a wide-variety of these systems including up to 200 units per month.

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Pneumatic Firing Valve

Marotta’s pneumatic ejection valve manifold assembly system consists of a firing valve, integral accumulator, relief valve, manual vent valve, integrated latch points, pitch control valve and dual outlet ports all in a high performance package

  • Integral latch actuator
  • Precision inverted relief valve
  • Qualified MIL-STD-810

Pneumatic Cable Cutter

Designed to sever the cable of a device in tow in the event of an emergency, this pneumatic cable cutter severs bars or cables in milliseconds. Marotta’s system was the first pneumatic cutter to replace pyrotechnics in a military application.

  • Millisecond operation
  • Manual actuator override
  • Blade and anvil repairable