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Airbus D&S Selects Marotta for MetOp-SG Propulsion Module

Marotta Controls Miniature Solenoid Valves to be Integrated into the MetOp-SG Propulsion Module

Montville, New Jersey (July 14, 2016) – Marotta Controls announces today that it has been awarded a contract from Airbus Defence and Space to provide high pressure Miniature Solenoid Valves for the Propulsion Modules of the MetOp Second Generation satellite constellation herunterladen.

The MetOp Second Generation (MetOp-SG) programme is a cooperative undertaking between ESA and EUMETSAT to enhance meteorological data with improved spectral and spatial resolution songs on ps4. The MetOp-SG programme comprises two series of satellites, Satellite A and Satellite B, with three units in each series for a total of six satellites app store für android herunterladen. The Satellite A series will carry optical instruments and atmospheric sounders, with Satellite B series carrying microwave instruments. Both satellite types will be based on the Airbus Defence and Space Astrobus satellite platform netflix folge herunterladen pc. After each satellite is launched into low earth orbit, the Propulsion Module will provide attitude and orbit control throughout mission life until the end of the operating mission; at which point the Propulsion Module actively deorbits the satellite for a controlled atmospheric re-entry maneuver thalia book. The first Satellite A is scheduled for launch in 2021, with Satellite B to follow within 18 months.

Marotta’s miniature solenoid valves (model MV602) are key components of the Propulsion Module (PM) and are used in a bang-bang mode to re-pressurize the propulsion module’s hydrazine tanks with gaseous Helium (GHe) command and conquer alarmstufe rot kostenlos herunterladen. These miniature, high pressure, normally closed valves are based on the highly successful model MV602L, which is a latching configuration that was flight-qualified on previous ESA missions, LISA Pathfinder and Aeolus dropbox downloaden gratis. The MV602 and MV602L valve series have the smallest envelope and mass, and lowest power draw of any miniature latching/non-latching valves available today say my name herunterladen.

“Airbus Defence and Space has long been a leader in developing advanced satellite systems,” said Michael Leahan, senior vice president and chief sales officer of Marotta Controls programm auf usb sticken. “We have collaborated with the team at Stevenage for many years and are proud that they continue to choose Marotta to provide innovative solutions for their critical platforms.”

Jonathan Wynn – Lead Engineer for the Modular Propulsion System (MPS) Product Line at Airbus Defence and Space in Stevenage (UK) reflected on the challenge ahead: “The MV602 is the perfect solution for the MPS Product Line, offering a lightweight, high performance solution for our electronic regulation system motor routeen google maps. Marotta Controls’ continued commitment to quality and schedule adherence makes them the ideal partner for this innovative Product Line.”

For more than 70 years, Marotta Controls has provided solutions to the global space industry, including agencies such as NASA, JAXA and ESA, for the most challenging fluid control problems.

About Marotta Controls

Marotta Controls, Inc. is one of the fastest growing technology businesses in New Jersey. It is a two-time recipient of the George M. Low Award for Quality and Excellence, a U.S. Small Business Administration Regional Subcontractor of the Year and a Lockheed Martin Supplier of the Year. With over 200 patents and 70 years’ experience Marotta Controls provides global security and aerospace system designers the solutions they need for controlling pressure, motion, fluid, electronics and power. Marotta’s offerings include high performance valves, manifolds, motor drives and military power supply and conversion technologies for integration into military and commercial satellites, launch vehicles, weapon systems, control actuation systems, shipboard systems and military aircraft.

Media Contact:

Tara Collazo

Marotta Controls, Inc.