Montville, New Jersey (August 30, 2016) – Marotta Controls is pleased to announce that its new Automatic Fire Extinguishing and Suppression System (AFES) has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The engineers at Marotta Controls designed the unit to address specific safety and efficiency requirements of military combat vehicles, and the AFES may prove valuable in other environments as well.
For decades, our Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems have been working to protect troops in armored vehicles around the globe. Marotta’s newly patented AFES extends the protection and efficiency even further by reacting in 8 milliseconds, drawing under 3 amps of current, and requiring no maintenance during its entire thirty-year lifecycle. This AFES is capable of suppressing all sizes of fires combat vehicles may encounter – from those caused by IEDs or penetrating munitions to tire fires, which are extremely difficult to extinguish.
Engineers Krzysztof Kluz, James LaGrotta and Christopher Modin collaborated to design the system to meet and exceed the stringent standards of the U.S. military. “Mission accomplished,” commented LaGrotta as the engineers explained the intricacies of their designs. “The fact that it requires a relatively low amount of current to operate is a key advantage,” noted Chris Modin. “The thin metal membrane, which constitutes the main seal, is uniquely processed, creating a static, hermetic seal designed for thirty years of service,” explained Kluz, adding, “Once the extinguisher is activated, the membrane bursts in a controlled way, along the score lines, expelling the extinguishing agent.”
“We’ve patented the fast response and release mechanism as well as the solenoid valve design within the unit. It’s simply a better performer than its predecessors,” concluded LaGrotta. The newly patented AFES uses HFC-227ea, Halon 1301, and other gas suppressants.
Marotta expects its newly patented AFES to eventually replace older systems through attrition, and become the preferred standard for fire suppression in the future, particularly on military combat vehicles.

About Marotta Controls

Marotta Controls, Inc. is one of the fastest growing technology businesses in New Jersey. It is a two-time recipient of the George M. Low Award for Quality and Excellence, a U.S. Small Business Administration Regional Subcontractor of the Year and a Lockheed Martin Supplier of the Year. With over 200 patents and 70 years’ experience Marotta Controls provides global security and aerospace system designers the solutions they need for controlling pressure, motion, fluid, electronics and power. Marotta’s offerings include high performance valves, manifolds, motor drives and military power supply and conversion technologies for integration into military and commercial satellites, launch vehicles, weapon systems, control actuation systems, shipboard systems and military aircraft.