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Our Latest Achievements

Marotta Controls Reveals New Tagline ‘Your Success is Our Mission’

Montville, New Jersey – Today Marotta Controls announced an engaging new tagline, “Your Success is Our Mission”. This new tagline reflects the company’s commitment to enriching its customers’ business across all of its markets – Aerospace, Defense and Space briefpapier downloaden.

“Your Success is Our Mission” is timeless and inspirational, and conveys the importance of delivering value through collaboration and partnership as well as through innovation soscisurvey daten herunterladen. It recognizes that the customers’ success is the single most important component in shaping Marotta Controls’ future.

In making the announcement, Michael Leahan, senior vice president of business development and chief sales officer of Marotta Controls stated, “Ensuring our customers’ success is who we are and what we have always been known for, and now we are putting it up front in our tagline herunterladen. We’re delivering a promise to our customers to understand their business, support their needs, and work collaboratively to achieve success.”

Beginning immediately “Your Success is Our Mission” will be integrated into all of Marotta Controls communications cuphead herunterladen.

About Marotta Controls

Marotta Controls, Inc. is one of the fastest growing technology businesses in New Jersey, specializing in the design, manufacture and integration of precision control systems and components tetris kostenlos download windows 7. Its offerings span from high performance valves and manifolds to complete sub-systems which integrate electronic controls and power supplies, such as pneumatic weapon ejection systems, control actuation systems and other mission critical pressurization systems luminar 3 herunterladen. With over 200 patents and 70 years’ experience, Marotta Controls supports the most demanding applications – whether manned or unmanned, military or commercial – for aircraft, missiles, marine (surface and sub-sea), land systems, satellites, launch vehicles and spacecraft herunterladen duden.


Media Contact:

Tara Collazo | |862-222-6442