Manifold-Mounted and Inline Direct Acting Valves Offer a Qualified, Cross-Application Solution to the Commercial Space Market

MONTVILLE, N.J.—April 5, 2022—Today, Marotta Controls, a rapidly growing aerospace and defense supplier with a 65-year-plus heritage in spaceflight, announced that its latest direct acting solenoid valve is qualified for use in high pressure oxygen systems. Notably, the valve is also suitable for launch vehicle inert gas systems given its high flow capacity, smaller size, rapid response time, and overall cost-effectiveness. The manifold-mounted PLV405 can be configured with two or three ports and is proven to be reusable with a tested high lifecycle count.

Offering the same performance advantages, Marotta Controls also produces an inline model – the MV405. This valve is also available in 2-way or 3-way port configurations.

The PLV405 valves offer notable improvements over similar incumbent options, to include nearly double the flow capacity in a 7% lighter package with a 33% faster response time. They are constructed with alloys produced to the ATSM A36 standard.

“We understand the complexity of building and qualifying space vehicles. And we understand the importance of simplifying that process any way possible to speed manufacturing without compromising quality,” said Brian Ippolitto, Director, Aerospace Systems Engineering, Marotta Controls. “We view ourselves as more than just suppliers. We operate as true partners who aim to alleviate or at least minimize challenges wherever possible across the whole development cycle. Today, that intention manifests as producing a single, high performing valve with immense versatility.”

The 3-way valve is also available in a modified version that supports only Nitrogen, Helium and Air (no Oxygen).

The devices are qualified to the Air Force Space Command’s (AFSC) SMC-S-016 standard and are put through Marotta’s advanced cleaning and testing processes used for all space-bound hardware.

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