Eclipsing Incumbent Valve Performance and Safety, Updated MOPV Increases Pressure Rating and Exceeds Current Naval Specifications Required to Combat Jet Fuel Fires

MONTVILLE, N.J.—November 2, 2022—Marotta Controls, a rapidly growing aerospace and defense supplier, announced it has upgraded its motor operated pilot valve (MOPV) used in aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) systems on naval surface ships. The MOPV761 valve plays an integral part in the AFFF system.  It controls both the seawater pressure used to activate the main AFFF supply valve and the electrical activation of the AFFF pump. The upgrades enable the valve to now offer a pressure rating of 250 PSI, meeting current Navy requirements across all fleet systems. The valve also now withstands higher shock and vibration impacts per the MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-798 with Notice 1, and MIL-STD-167-1A specifications. The new valve is currently in production with volumes meeting increasing demand.

The MOPV is a custom valve first brought to market ten years ago to address safety and electrical issues presented by an incumbent solution that was then pervasive on most Navy fleets. Operated via solid-state controls, the actuator opens and closes the valve by turning a rotor 90 degrees within the valve body. Should a signal or power loss occur, actuation can also be done via hand crank.

“We currently supply all major Navy shipbuilders today, giving us direct insight into the actual field application challenges experienced with shipboard systems. It’s important to us to help them alleviate those challenges,” said Marilyn Petite, Vice President, Marine & Aerospace Systems, Marotta Controls. “To that end, we invested our own resources to collaborate closely with the Navy to design a valve with the performance and safety attributes needed to operate firefighting systems safely and efficiently. And now, through the hard work and innovative problem solving our engineers demonstrate daily, this newest iteration can be used universally across all fleets.”

With a lifetime performance rating of 5,000 cycles or 25 years, the MOPV exceeds naval performance specifications of 1,000 cycles or 5 years. Engineered for easy maintenance and safer operation, the device boasts a modular design allowing for quick access to individual valve components. The MOPV is leak tight and corrosion resistant with an encased motor for user and valve protection. The circuit board can be easily refurbished or replaced as necessary.

Additionally, the MOPV leverages Marotta’s electrical system experience to manage the 115 volts of AC power operating the valve itself; notably the system is rated to a higher voltage of 440V AC. The electrical system design includes an internal suppression function to mitigate erratic, noisy power delivery challenges synonymous with shipboard and shore power supplies. This eliminates unwanted valve actuation while protecting the valve hardware from stray voltages.“We take great pride in re-engineering what were once considered industry standard solutions to meet new requirements or to solve old problems. Our breadth of expertise spans well beyond valve hardware into electrical system design. We drew on it all when developing the MOPV,” continued Marilyn.

MOPV761 Requalification and Datasheet

The upgraded MOPV761 has been recertified to the most current naval specifications as noted above. This testing specification includes high pressure performance assessment in rugged environments, to include intake of ocean water debris (salt, sand, shells, etc.).

The valve’s datasheet is available online here:

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