Space Symposium

Join us at Space Symposium!

Come meet our space technology experts at the 38th annual Space Symposium in  Colorado Springs from April 8 – 11.    We’ll have our team on hand to answer any questions and demonstrate our flight-qualified space control systems including our commercial and reusable CoRe Flow Controls, electronic pressure regulator systems and wide range of versatile solenoid valves to meet system requirements of NewSpace Launch Vehicles .

Featured Products

CoRe Flow Controls

Commercial, reusable and flight-qualified solenoid valve series with versatility to meet several applications on NewSpace Launch Vehicle platforms . 

Cryogenic Controls

Cryogenic valves for applications with liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid hydrogen fluid transfer systems operating as low as -423°F.

Satellite Propulsion

Flight-qualified valves compatible with storable propellants used in chemical, cold gas and electric propulsion feed systems as well as thrusters and engines

Service Valves

Configurable design offers a range of differing operating pressures, line fluids, and other specifications.

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