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CoRe® Flow Controls

  • CoRe FLow Controls

Commercial. Reusable. Ready For Launch.

CoRe® Flow Controls series of solenoid valves is the optimal solution for complex commercial launch vehicle applications.  CoRe combines proven high-performance and high-reliability with affordability and availability enabling system designers to leverage our legacy technologies for the next generation of space transportation and exploration. 

CoRe consists of six of our most versatile legacy solenoid valves, Designed around common, high volume production components,  our CoRe series standardized approach provides lower-cost flow controls with shorter-lead times giving commercial space customers a key strategic advantage.

CoRe Flow Controls


Pilot Operated 2-Way / 2-Position

MV524 Datasheet


Direct Acting 3-Way / 2-Position

MV524X Datasheet


Direct Acting 2-Way / 2-Position

MV130HLT Datasheet


Direct Acting 2-Way / 2-Position

MV100HLT Datasheet


Direct Acting 3-Way / 2-Position

MV74LT Datasheet


Direct Acting 3-Way / 2-Position

MV74HLT Datasheet


Direct Acting 2-Way / 2-Position

MV100X Datasheet


Direct Acting 3-Way / 2-Position

PLV34LT Datasheet


Direct Acting 3-Way / 2-Position

PLV34X Datasheet


Direct Acting 2-Way / 2-Position

PLV130HLT Datasheet

Acceptance Testing

Each Core Flow Control Valve is required to pass all acceptance tests to ensure the highest quality.

Proof Pressure

Dielectric Strength

Insulation Resistance

Pull-In / Drop-Out Voltage

Pull-In / Drop-Out Response

Internal / External Leakage

Final Product Inspection


Quality Guaranteed


Components are traceable to a single supplier receipt that may contain more than one raw material or manufacturing batch.

Only approved suppliers and special processors evaluated by Marotta Quality Team are utilized

Certificate of conformance provided for each part received.

Documentation records retained for seven years. 


Each CoRe Flow Control valve assembly is serialized and supplied with unique acceptance test data and certificate of conformance. 

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