Piezo Actuated Valves

Super-Fast, Super-Low Power Draw

Up to 10,000 psig

With Marotta’s advanced technology you can control flow parameters in real time and adjust the orifice size to meet your desired flow and pressure. The responsive actuator, integrated pressure transducers and strain gauges allow Marotta to deliver state-of-the-art proportional control in a compact and lightweight package. The valve has the capability to measure the inlet pressure, outlet pressure as well as the orifice size at any instant.

  • Multi-functional operation: isolation and regulation
  • <0.5 millisecond operation
  • <1 milliamp power draw
  • Proportional control
  • Flexible applications
  • Integrated inlet/outlet pressure transducers
  • Integrated poppet displacement sensor
  • Minimal heat generation

NOTE: The listed performance data may represent specific program requirements and not the design limitations of the technology.