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Quick Closing Valves

Quick Closing Valves

Emergency Closing/Opening in Milliseconds

Simple Overriding Release Mechanism

The Marotta SPV82 Series Quick Closing Valve boasts a simple overriding release mechanism which provides emergency closing/opening in milliseconds.  During normal operating conditions, these quick closing valves are actuated by the conventional hand wheel method.  When an emergency occurs, a lever actuates the “armed” release mechanism, thus the valve is closed or opened without manually turning the hand wheel.  This emergency operation can be local or remote through the use of a cable.  Operational methods for actuating the quick release mechanism can be electrical or pressure operated.

  • Emergency opening/closing in milliseconds
  • Packless construction (bellows seal)
  • Visual position indication (closed-open)
  • Meets MIL-V-24569
  • Hand wheel operated valves for fuel, steam and high temperature applications 

NOTE: The listed performance data may represent specific program requirements and not the design limitations of the technology.

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