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Weapon Ejection/Release

MPACT® High Pressure Pneumatic Systems

Designed for Single and Multi-Station Next-Generation Bomb Racks and Launchers

The MPACT® airborne high-pressure pneumatic weapon ejection/release system provides a continuous source of high-pressure pure air for accurate weapon separation, every time.  Compact, clean and lightweight, these systems can be installed in the bomb rack, weapons bay or wing pylons. 

Efficiency Impact:
  • Cost efficient and reusable, there’s no need to replace squibs after each mission.
  • Clean air powers the rack, eliminating pyrotechnic residue and the need for cleaning
  • Reduces logistics by eliminating the need to acquire and store pyrotechnics
Capability Impact:
  • Higher ejection force allows release of stores at higher speeds
  • Pneumatic power provides consistent shot-to-shot ejection profiles
  • Continuous supply of high pressure pure air, ensuring combat readiness
  • Four stage single or double micro-compressor
  • Operating pressure: 5880 psig
  • Flow rate: 6-7 SLPM to 12-14 SLPM
  • Motor drive output to 800W, 1200W peak, sensorless
  • Extensive BIT and reporting


  • Digital CANBus
  • Three phase, 400 HZ, 115 VAC
  • Qualified software
  • System power consumption up to 500 to 800 VA
  • Meets EMI and harmonic suppression requirements
Protect your bomb/ejector racks

M-PACT® uses clean, dry air as its energy source to eject munitions.  Since the bomb/ejector rack is not fouled by hot gasses and explosive residue, the racks return from the mission in excellent condition.

Fast response time and reliability

The MPACT® system is always ready to fire with millisecond operation, high ejection velocities, and consistent shot-to-shot ejection profiles.

Multiple configurations and retrofits

MPACT® is designed for easy integration into next-generation single or multiple pneumatic bomb/ejector racks.  MPACT® can also be retrofitted to convert legacy pyrotechnic racks to pneumatic capabilities.

NOTE: The listed performance data may represent specific program requirements and not the design limitations of the technology.

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