MPACT Pure Air Compression Technology

Technical Paper:  Advancements in IR Missile Seeker Cooling Technology

This paper illustrates how the adoption of a Pure Air Generating System (PAGS) for IR missile seeker cooling can increase the missile’s capability and efficiency while eliminating the problems of maintenance, logistics and cost associated with typical gas cooling systems. 

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Pure Air Generation Systems (PAGS) Technology Concept 

PAGS technology is a cost effective and reliable alternative to using gas (nitrogen, argon) for the cooling of heat seeking infrared missiles. Used by the US Navy on the F/A-18A/F, and by Denel Dynamics on the Hawk trainer aircraft, the PAGS alternative is particularly well suited for combat conditions where gas purity, unlimited mission duration and unrestricted forward deployment are critical. As an added bonus, PAGS technology offers ease of maintenance, simplified logistics and overall life-cycle cost reductions. 

The Marotta PAGS system, trademarked MPACT® Pure Air Compression Technology, is a next-generation complete solution for IR missile seeker cooling. 

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