Electronically Controlled, Piezo Actuated 10,000 psi Regulator

Technical Paper:   Electronically Controlled, Piezo-Actuated, 10,000 psi Regulator 

Authored by James Ponzo P.E., Principal Engineer, Marotta Controls with Scott Durant, Engineer, Marotta Controls 

Abstract: Marotta Controls has developed an electrically controlled pressure regulator suitable for spaceflight, defense and facility applications. Through a closed loop electronic control system controlling piezo actuated pilot valves, the regulator constantly measures actual downstream outlet pressure and adjusts to changing inlet conditions, resulting in an accurate outlet pressure insensitive to inlet pressure, flow rate and temperature. The initial application is for human-rated space flight applications and can be easily adapted to different performance requirements as needed. Extensive use of titanium alloys and optimized geometries results in a light-weight product weighing under 8.5 lbm (3.9 kg) inclusive of the control electronics and interconnections. The regulator is normally-closed and therefore capable of acting as an isolation valve. It has been successfully tested at inlet pressure up to 10,000 psi and mass flows of greater than 5 lbm/s (2.7 kg/s) of Helium and 10 lbm/s (4.5 kg/s) of Nitrogen. 

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