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Technical Information and Downloads


Technical Papers
1-Step AC-DC Conversion White Paper

Discover three-phase power conversion in a single step with 1-STEP, Marotta’s patent-pending power conversion technology. 1-STEP offers active power factor correction and isolated, regulated, DC output with unparalleled power density. 

Electronically Controlled, Piezo-Actuated, 10K Regulator

Marotta has developed an electronically-controlled pressure regulator suitable for spaceflight, defense, and facility applications. Through a closed loop electronic control system controlling piezo-actuated pilot valves, the regulator constantly measures actual downstream outlet pressure and adjusts to changing inlet conditions, resulting in an accurate outlet pressure insensitive to inlet pressure, flow rate, and temperature. 

 Regulator for Xenon Feed System

This paper presents the development of a single-stage, cold-redundant, standalone electronic pressure regulation system which throttles xenon propellant flow using a normally-closed magnetostrictively-actuated proportional control valve operated with a dedicated electronic control unit.  

Adaptation of a Miniature Latch Valve

This paper presents the adaptation of a miniature latch valve for integration into the gaseous oxygen in-situ cleaning system abroad the ADM-Aeolus spacecraft which Airbus Defense and Space and developing on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA).  

MPACT:  Advancements in IR Missile Seeker Cooling Technology

Discover how the adoption of a Pure Air Generating System (PAGS) for IR missile seeker cooling can increase the missile’s capability and efficiency while eliminating the problems of maintenance, logistics and cost associated with typical gas cooling systems. 


Pursuing Affordable Access to Space: Innovators Aim for Reusable Launch Vehicles

Today’s “space race” is becoming defined by the quest for more affordable launch capabilities for the military, government and commercial environs; reusability is a potent means to reduce costs as well as to secure market leadership. Read more >>

Marotta Develops 1-STEP AC-DC Conversion

Military and industrial OEMs are continuously seeking improvements when it comes to their power conversion in extreme environments found under military, shipboard and aviation electronics.  Read more >> 


Marotta Advances Satellite Design with Miniature Valves

Marotta is making headway in advancing satellite design with the most power efficient latching valve series for in-space propulsion. Whether controlling gaseous substances or fluids, these small yet powerful components… Read more >>


A Big Impact on Satellite Design: Miniature Valves

Whether controlling gaseous substances or fluids, these small but powerful components should be evaluated beyond just latching or non-latching capabilities but also for size, weight and power considerations that increase satellite performance and mission lifetime.

Driving Electric Propulsion in Nexgen Satellites

A unique multi-function valve made a big difference in the GOCE mission, optimizing thrust control that improved the satellite’s performance and extended the life of the mission. Now Spacebus Neo, Europe’s Thales Alenia Space Ltd.’s next generation satellite platform of telecom satellites, is capitalizing on this technology as part of a Xenon Pressure Regulation Assembly. 

Aerospace America 

Marotta continues to characterize its multi-function valve and completed testing with the Sitael (Alta) 5kw Hall effect thruster. 


3-Phase Single-Step Power Correction in MilAero Systems

As OEMs seek advantages in size, weight, power and cost, focus is shifting to advancements in power electronics. 

The Power of Small Businesses

Patrick Marotta offers his insight into the challenges facing his company and the industry. The first of a two-story series. 

The Importance of Talent

Patrick Marotta offers his insight on recruiting and retaining top talent to the aerospace industry. This is the second part of a two-story series. 

 Your Success is Our Mission – Video

Introducing Marotta Controls – one of the fastest growing technology business today – is the place where global aerospace and defense designers and system integrators can find world-class solutions for controlling fluid, flow, motion, electronics and power.    

Power Electronics Video 

Discover more about Marotta’s offerings for electronic motor drives and power conversion. 


New Technology Simplifies Electric Propulsion on Spacebus Neo Video

Marotta Controls is developing the Xenon Pressure Regulation Assembly (XPRA) for the electric propulsion system of Thales Alenia Space UK’s new Spacebus Neo satellite platform. 

Marotta at the Paris Air Show 

Bryan Reid, Director of BD, Space Systems highlights the company’s international business and its work with the US Commercial Service. 


Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno Visits Marotta Controls

As part of her Tried and True Business Tour, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno visit’s Marotta Controls – one of New Jersey’s premier family-run businesses. 

Aviation Week: New Entrant Emerges in Seeker-Cooling Business

Marotta Controls has established a foothold in the high pressure pure air generation market, addressing the need for competition and new technology in the aerospace industry. 

NASA Tech Briefs: Cold Gas Microthruster Tech Brief

Marotta has developed and qualified a high-pressure cold gas microthruster that, when coupled with a thrust control electronics driver, is capable of low power operation.

Eureka Magazine: Composite Valves Cut Weight and Costs

Making valves for offshore and marine applications from composites not only ensures corrosion resistance, but achieves weight savings of as much as two-thirds relative to their metallic counterparts. 


Design News: Valve Maker Drops a Bomb on Cost

Attention to manufacturing details helped Marotta Controls contain costs as it ramps up production volumes on the Air Force’s Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) system valve. 

Daily Record: Montville Company Changes Direction to Stay Successful

Several times in its history Marotta has needed to adapt to shifting markets to stay competitive in the aerospace and defense industry. Its latest remake includes some of the most fundamental changes the company has ever tried. 

Enterprise Ireland: From Space Technology to Global Markets

The world’s strongest companies have long recognised that innovation fuels success. But for smaller companies it can be difficult to turn promising ideas into commercial achievement. Marotta Ireland is a long-time partner of ESA, working on the design, manufacture and testing of structural components for spacecraft. 

NJ BIZ: Local Military Contractors Take Flight

Fighter jocks can only dream of climbing into the cockpit of the forthcoming F-35, but two local companies won contracts this month to design and supply parts for the aircraft, an essential part of the military’s plans for maintaining control of the skies.


Missile Defense Agency Update: Go With the Flow, Within Milliseconds

How good is the new generation of spacecraft propulsion system microvalves? These valves can precisely control gas flows smaller than what used to be considered leaks. 

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Marotta Controls COVID-19 Statement and Company Status Updates Learn more

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