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Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Solutions are found when you apply the right resources to tackle the challenges at hand. With over 70 years controlling pressure, fluids, flow, electronics and power, we have streamlined the engineering and manufacturing processes and can lead you to the most cost effective, reliable solution to help you retain your competitive edge.

Our Engineering Team employs real-world experience and specialist expertise to solve the most difficult motion and flow control problems – and to quickly generate creative and practical solutions.

Marotta Controls’ manufacturing facility reflects a continual commitment to maintain advanced, modern and efficient machining equipment. Using Lean Manufacturing Principles and a highly skilled staff, we are able to provide you with exceptional quality at competitive rates.

We have extensive experience machining a multitude of various materials inclusive of exotic materials such as:

  • Titanium
  • Monel
  • Inconel
  • Hastelloy
Highly Skilled Craftsmen

Our staff is experienced and we continually provide education and training to further enhance our employees’ knowledge and performance. Emphasis is placed on employee cross-training to maximize operational flexibility. In addition to training, Marotta is focused on continuous improvement through the implementation of Set-Up reduction, 6S and performance based metric initiatives.

Machining Expertise

Our machining expertise is evidenced by our ability to produce large as well as small quantities of precision manifolds, valves, seats and plungers, etc. without the need to assemble matched sets of parts.

Very Competitive Rates

Our extensive on-site capabilities and efficient methods yield very competitive rates.

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