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Business Development

Serving Worldwide

Business Development / Corporate Headquarters 

Steve Fox,  Vice President, Business Development & Program Management
Max Wolfinger,  Director, Space Systems
Katee Glass, Marketing & Events Manager 

Business Development / International Markets

(Navy and Marine Repairs)
H.I. Fraser Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 885 Mona Valve
Unit 6/5 Vuko Place
Warriewood NSW
Chris Williams, Manager – East Australia
Phone:  61.2.9970.7322
Fax:  61.2.9913.7207
(Naval Sales to Canadian Government Only)
Mobile Valve Repairs/NL Eldridge
(A Source Atlantic Company)
(902) 866-0719 phone
(902) 456-0946 mobile
Rick Vacheresse, Logistics/Military Program Manager

Via Flaminia 495
00191 Rome ITALY
Cinzia Gerosa
Phone: +39-06333981


Shira Aviation Technologies, Ltd.
P.O. Box 3258
Savyon 56540  ISRAEL
Yossi Sarig
Phone:  972.3.5350954

Nueva Insimar
Eduardo Picallo
C/Navarez 38-1°B
28009 Madrid, SPAIN
Phone:  +34.981.288311
Fax: +34.981.288099

Opeton Technology
Suite 808, 8th Floor
18 Changan East Road, Section 1
Zhongshan Distric, Taipei City 10442
+886 2 2581 3602 phone
+886 2  2581 2513 fax
James Lee

(Space and general industrial accounts)

Sunny Limited
Toshikatsu Yukitake
President and CEO
2-3-6 Uchikkanda Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, 101-0047 JAPAN
Phone:  81.3.3254.7101
Yoshi Genchi, General Manager
Phone: 81.45.641.4731
Fax:  81.45.641.4723
Sunny Limited, Osaka
3-21 Suehiro-cho, Kita-ku
Osaka 530-0053  JAPAN
Phone:  81.6.6312.1671
Fax:  81.6.6312.1675
Sunny Limited, Takatsuki
4-16 Kyoguchi-machi
Takatsuki 569-0072  JAPAN
Phone:  81.726.75.2432
Fax:  81.726.75.2432
Sunny Limited, Fukuoka
5-11-3-702 Hakazaki
Fukuoka 812-0053  JAPAN
Phone:  81.92.632.3312
Fax:  81.92.641.8769

Sunny Limited, Tsukuba

35-5 Morinosato
Tsukuba 300-1256  JAPAN
Phone:  81.29.876.2810
Fax:  81.29.876.2810
Sunny Limited, Kagoshima
3193-2 Nishi-Mochida, Aira
Kagoshima 812-0053  JAPAN
Phone:  81.995.57.8170
Sunny Limited, Yokohama
194 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku
Yokohama 231-0023  JAPAN
Phone:  81.45.641.4731
Sunny Limited, Nagoya
3-21-4 Meieki, Nakamura-ku
Nagoya 450-0002  JAPAN
Phone:  81.52.563.4641
Fax:  81.52.563.4644
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