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Power Conversion

Custom Military & Aircraft Power Conversion Solutions

Unparalleled Efficiency & Performance

Marotta’s award-winning, patented power supply and power conversion technologies are customized to meet the challenging requirements of commercial and military platforms.    

Our dedicated and highly experienced electronics engineers design solutions that optimize the system envelop and provide our customers with a smaller, lighter and economical solution hörbücher herunterladen youtube.

Power Modules

  • AC/DC Converters
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Seconday SSPC Power Distribution
  • Miniturized Power Distribution
  • Integrated Converter/SPDU Packages
  • 500W to 11.2 kW Modules
  • Starter Generator Control Inverters

Conversion Topologies

  • 1-STEP AC-DC Conversion
  • Flyback
  • 2-Switch Forward
  • Buck, Tapped Buck
  • Interleaved Modules
  • ZVS Phase Shifted Bridge
  • Buck & Boost
  • Passive & Active PFC
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • Inrush Control
  • Softstart Control

Component Technologies

  • IGBT
  • Silicon MOSFET low Rds(on)
  • GaN FET
  • Amorphous Magnetics
  • Nanocrystaline Magnetics
  • High Performance Film & Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Rugged Sheet Metal
  • Thin Wall Enclosures
  • EMI/EMC Mitigration
  • Silicon Carbide & GaN Design
  • Output Current Overload Capability
  • CanBus, RS422, Ethernet, 1553
  • Built-in-Test
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Output Current Limiting
  • Rigid & Rigidflex PWB
  • High Efficiency: 92% - 98%
  • Conduction, convection, forced air & liquid cooling
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Status Telemetry
  • SBC/Linux/G-Enet/SNNMP/ MIB Secure Controls
  • High Temperature Protection
  • MCU & FPGA Digital Controls
  • DO-160 & MIL-STD Requirements
  • Safety Lockouts

Our patented 1-STEP technology is revolutionizing power conversion with an innovative circuit solution that uniquely achieves 3-phase active power factor correction, power regulation and electrical isolation in a single conversion step herunterladen.

Get more information on 1-STEP Power Conversion →

Military-Grade Power Conversion

Download Datasheet
Multi-Output DC/DC Converter
  • Compact, single board design
  • Variety of circuit topologies
  • Tri-converter regulated outputs
  • Over & under voltage input protections
Download Datasheet
3-Phase AC/DC Converter
  • Compact design
  • Conversion from 3-phase power to 135 VDC
  • Two 28 VDC power conditioners
  • Conduction cooled
  • 14W/cubic inch power density
  • >92% efficiency
Download Datasheet
3-Phase AC to 28 VDC Converter
  • 3-phase 400 Hz, 115VAC input
  • 90% efficiency
  • Passive PFC, near unit PF above 50% load
  • Operation up to 195° F
  • 28VDC 1350W steady state 
  • ZVS phase shifted full bridge isolated DC/DC

Power Distribution

Download Datasheet
18 Output Power Distribution
  • 18 current limited power outputs
  • Single integrated rigid flex assembly
  • 28V & 270V or +/- 135VDC inputs
  • < 2 lbs
  • Conversion, distribution  & control in one unit
  • MIL-STD-1760 power interrupt hold up capacitor
Download Datasheet
Compact Power Distribution
  • Switchable 28V power from 28VDC 
  • Digital control by vehicle computer
  • Compact, low weight 
  • Built-in-Test provides system status
  • Flexible digital serial link type
  • Up to 180° F (82° C) operating temperature

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