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Pneumatic Firing Valves

Firing Valves – Pneumatic Power  Source

Pure Power. Consistent Shots. 

Marotta has developed high-performance ejection valve technology to power next-generation smart bombs. The firing valves use high pressure air to eject the weapon, replacing pyrotechnics.


  • Integral latch actuator
  • Response time – full flow
  • Operating pressure: 5,100 to 6,750 psig
  • High strength-to-weight materials
  • Precision inverted relief valve
  • Qualified MIL-STD-810


Capability Impact:
  • Higher ejection force allows release of stores at higher speeds
  • Pneumatic power provides consistent shot-to-shot ejection profiles
Efficiency Impact:
  • Clean air powers the rack, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning which is a common problem with pyrotechnic charges
  • Cost efficient – because it’s reusable, there’s no need to replace costly squibs after each mission
  • Reduces logistics problems by eliminating the need to acquire and store pyrotechnic devices

NOTE: The listed performance data may represent specific program requirements and not the design limitations of the technology.

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