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Critical Controls for Weapon Systems

Marotta Controls has established a reputation for adding significant value to our customers as a strategic partner for the most critical defense applications.

We apply our extensive knowledge of pressure, motion, fluid, electronics and power controls to every weapon system that we design. Our legacy valves, components and electronics serve as the foundation for our high performance systems and sub-systems.

Power Supply and Conversion Technology

Marotta’s award-winning power conversion technology features 90+% efficiency, near 1.0 power factor.

  • Minimal size and weight
  • High power density
  • High efficiency

Explore Power Supply and Conversion Technology >>

Control Actuation Systems

Fully integrated design, Marotta’s Control Actuation Systems are suitable for tail fin or canard mounted applications.

  • High angular velocity
  • Optimized size and weight for minimal power draw
  • Designed for cost control

Explore Control Actuation Systems >>

Electronic Motor Drive Controls

Marotta’s controllers are qualified for use in air generation systems, compressor systems, thermal management systems, hydraulic systems and high-pressure pneumatic systems.

  • Sensorless, variable speed
  • Cost effective
  • Rapid development

Explore Motor Drive Controls >>

Weapon Ejection – Pure Air Compression Technology

Marotta’s MPACT pure air generating system provides a reliable source of high-pressure air for accurate weapon separation every time.

  • Consistent shot-to-shot ejection profiles
  • Compact, clean and lightweight
  • Easily integrated into single or multiple pneumatic ejector racks

Explore Pure Air Compression Technology>>

IR Missile Seeker Cooling Technology

This airborne pure air compression system controls the high pressure air for the cooling of infrared missile seekers.

  • Enhances seeker performance
  • Eliminates gas coolant bottles
  • Reduces maintenance and logistics

Explore IR Missile Seeker Cooling Technology >>

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