Space Heritage

Early Leadership in the Space Industry

Founded in 1943, Marotta quickly established its reputation as a resource for high quality innovative products and became a leader in the emerging aerospace industry. Throughout its history, Marotta Controls has been a major supplier of fluid controls to all manned space programs. We continue that legacy as the largest privately-held supplier of fluid controls on the International Space Station.

1940s & 1950s
  • Develops rocket engine propellant control valves for the emerging rocket engine industry
  • Develops control and APU valves for the X-15 plane, the first airplane in space
  • Develop unique balanced poppet concept
  • Receives first regulator patent
  • Develops pressurization valves for Redstone and Atlas rockets
  • Marotta’s control valves are used for fuel and oxidizer pressurization systems for Mercury, Gemini, and Titan
  • Valves used for environmental control systems on Apollo spacecraft and Saturn launch vehicle
  • Valves used on the LEM ascent and descent engine
1970s & 1980s
  • Develops electro-hydraulic test system for Space Shuttle fuel tank testing
  • Marotta develops and patents over thirty new products for fluid controls
  • Supplies hydrazine control valves for the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster
  • Marotta develops electronic closed loop control system for NASA calibration system
  • Delivers new electronic control system to NASA/Johnson Space Center
  • Supplies Delta II with solenoid and check valves for various applications including fuel tank pressurization
  • Marotta is the first small business to achieve the George M. Low Award for Quality and Excellence
  • Marotta becomes the largest privately held supplier of fluid controls on the International Space Station
  • Develops new multi-function valve and miniature solenoid for xenon flow control for Snecma PPS1350 Hall Effect Thruster, part of GOCE mission
2000s & Beyond
  • Marotta supplies fuel tank valves for Delta IV
  • Develops new cold gas microthruster and thrust control electronics for ST-5
  • Marotta receives its second George M. Low award for Quality and Excellence
  • Supplies various control valves to the emerging commercial space industry, including Falcon 1, 9, Heavy, New Shepard, SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo
  • Supplies solenoid valves for the H2A/H2B launch system
  • Qualifies high pressure oxygen latch valve for AEOLUS