Manned Space Controls

Manned Space Controls

We have continuously contributed key technologies to the manned space program since the earliest days of human spaceflight.

Marotta Controls is the largest privately held supplier of valves and controls to the International Space Station.

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Special Purpose Valves

Marotta Controls’ special purpose valves feature more complexity in design and manufacturing methods, use a wider variety of materials, and are used to control the more difficult, mission critical applications.

This motor operated ball valve is used to control the ammonia coolant in the active thermal control system on the International Space Station. This system also contains an electronic control unit.

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Solenoid Valves – Pilot Operated and Direct Acting

The Marotta originated balanced poppet design sets the standard for reliability and performance. The balanced poppet requires a relatively small actuator which conserves power and minimizes the space required for installation.

  • High Operating Pressures
  • Fast Response
  • High Performance to Weight Ratio

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Multi-Function Valves

Marotta’s patented Multi-Function Magnetostrictive Control Valve (MFV) offers many of the high performance features demanded by Ion and Hall Thruster satellite and spacecraft propulsion systems.


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Check / Non-Return Valves

Our check valves incorporate a poppet with internal flow passages for minimal pressure drop. These rapid response, low pressure-drop designs are ideal for applications that require a compact, lightweight package.

  • Large L/D Ratio, Minimizes Chatter
  • Smooth Operation
  • Cryogenic Fluids
  • High Temperatures (Designs available to 1000°F+)

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Pressure Regulators and Relief Valves

Our compact regulators precisely control the pressure to propellant feed systems. These regulators are designed to handle high operating pressures and are qualified for use in dynamic spacecraft environments. Available with integrated filters and relief valves.

To provide safety relief on a payload system, our relief valves allow precise control of cracking and reseating pressures.

  • High Operating Pressure
  • Tight Control Bands
  • Minimum Hysterisis

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