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High Pressure Pneumatic Systems

High Pressure Pneumatic Systems for Aerospace and Defense Applications

We have a wide variety of proven, reliable high pressure pneumatic innovations – from simple high pressure valves and bottles to the innovative MPACT® Pure Air Compression Technology system which is fully integrated with electronics, micro-compressor, and valve/manifold system.

MPACT ® Pure Air Compression Technology – for IR Missile Seeker Cooling

This airborne compressor system provides a continuous, reliable supply of high pressure pure air, replacing pyrotechnics and gas bottles. It controls the high pressure pure air for the cooling of infra-red missile seekers.

  • Four-stage, single head micro-compressor, 3050 psi
  • Flow rate 6-7 SLPM
  • Sensorless variable speed motor drive
  • Single phase 400 Hz 115 VAC, power handling 290 VA
MPACT ® Pure Air Compression Technology – for Weapon Ejection

Designed for single and multi-station next-generation bomb racks and launchers. This system provides a continuous source of high-pressure pure air for accurate weapon separation, every time. Compact, clean and lightweight, these systems can be installed in the bomb rack, weapons bay or wing pylons.

  • Four-stage, single or double micro-compressor, 5880 psi
  • Flow rate 6-7 SLPM to 12-14 SLPM
  • Sensorless variable speed motor drive
  • Single phase 400 Hz 115 VAC
Pneumatic Firing Valves

Marotta has developed high-performance pneumatic ejection valve technology to power next-generation smart bombs and weapons.

Pneumatic Guillotine

Severs bars or cables in milliseconds. Designed to sever the cable of a device in tow in the event of an emergency, Marotta’s Pneumatic Guillotine is the first pneumatic cutter to replace pyrotechnics in a military application.


NOTE: The listed performance data may represent specific program requirements and not the design limitations of the technology.

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