Power Electronics

Power Electronics for Military Applications

New Patent-Pending 1-Step AC-DC Power Conversion™ Technology.

Our new patent-pending 1-STEP Technology provides isolated and regulated AC to DC power in a single conversion step.

  • Unity power factor at full and partial loads
  • Total current harmonic distortion levels <3%
  • Modularly scales to 20kW+
  • 96% efficiency 

Marotta applies its power electronics expertise to provide power conversion solutions for both power supplies and motor drives. Our goal is high efficiency, high density and high reliability in each solution.

Product Scope:
  • DC brushless motor drives
  • AC-DC conversion
  • DC-DC conversion
Solution Spectrum:
  • Digital and analog controls
  • Passive and active AC rectification
  • High efficiency DC conversion topologies
  • Optimized packaging and thermal design trades
Military Power Supply and Conversion Technology

Marotta’s wide range of innovative, advanced high power density power supply and conversion solutions are ideal for use in mission critical military platforms such as weapon systems, radar systems and military aircraft where size, weight and power are limited. 

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Motor Drives

Our proven design and development process can produce a wide range of electronic motor drives for unique applications with minimal risk and rapid development in a cost effective manner.

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NOTE: The listed performance data may represent specific program requirements and not the design limitations of the technology.