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Your Success is Our Mission

At Marotta Controls, we believe in our product as well as our employees and our local community. We believe excellence should be a core value not only amongst every individual, but the company as a whole.  We strive to create an atmosphere where employees can achieve their very best, where we work toward a common goal and feel connected to our company, our product and our community.  
Family Culture

“At Marotta, I have found a career path that I truly enjoy and a company that has allowed me to grow!  Working for a family owned and operated company, you are not just an employee, you are a part of an extended family.”  

-Kerrie Scott

Work with Purpose

“It’s very fulfilling to know that products we provide go a long way in keeping our troops safe in the field.” 

-Peter Kutt


Employee Mentorship

“Beginning in the Assembly and Test area, my skills expanded through a great deal of employee mentorship. Opportunities continue to develop for me working at Marotta and learning about the latest tools, procedures, and techniques utilized in a world-class manufacturing facility.”  

-Todd Muth

Personal Growth

“Marotta has provided me with a challenging work experience. The work environment is conducive to personal and professional growth. It’s inspiring to work with smart, creative and dedicated people who share common goals.”  

-Lawrence Rayhon

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