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ASSA Appoints Michael Leahan to Board of Directors

Washington, District of Columbia (April 7, 2015)  – The American Shipbuilding Suppliers Association (ASSA) today announced that Michael J. Leahan, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Chief Sales Officer of Marotta Controls, Inc. will serve on the Board of Directors (BOD).

Mr. Leahan has over 30 years of leadership experience in business development, program management, operations and customer support in the international aerospace and defense industry. He is an accomplished strategist and organizer, and has led several operational turnarounds, demonstrating his ability to secure and successfully manage large military and commercial programs.

Mr. Leahan joined Marotta Controls in 2002. He is a principal driving force behind the company, leading many of the strategic shifts that established Marotta Controls as one of the fastest growing technology companies today. Under his leadership he has elevated Marotta’s effectiveness and competitive position by focusing on the needs of the customer and finding the right balance between customer requirements and the capability offerings of Marotta Controls.  This customer-centric focus has positioned the company to meet the emerging requirements of the aerospace and defense industry both now and in the future.

“Mike is a steadfast supporter of the U.S. shipbuilding industry,” stated Stephen Cobb, Chairman ASSA. “He has worked extensively with Congress and the Navy to facilitate the development of advanced technologies for critical naval applications and he will be a valuable member of the BOD.”

ASSA advocates for the U.S. shipbuilding supplier community directly to the United States Congress, Navy and Coast Guard on industry-wide issues.  ASSA is committed to ensuring that the shipbuilding supplier base remains viable and ready to meet any future ship construction build-up required to defend the United States.  In addition to providing the latest supplier industry information directly from the U.S. Government, ASSA provides suppliers with target rich networking opportunities with senior decision makers from the industry.