1-STEP AC-DC Power Conversion

1-STEP: Marotta’s AC-DC Power Conversion Solution

Our patented 1-STEP technology is revolutionizing Power Conversion.   1-STEP is an innovative circuit solution that uniquely achieves three-phase active power factor correction, power regulation and electrical isolation in a single conversion step.   

Today’s conventional multi-step power conversion circuits are complex and require costly processes to achieve AC-DC conversion in high power applications.   With 1-STEP we are able to achieve AC-DC Conversion in one circuit solution which reduces weight, cost, complexity and risk for your mission-critical applications. 

See How 1-STEP Compares to Conventional Conversion Methods:
•  High Reliability
•  Reduced size, weight and cost
•  < 3% Total Harmonic Distortion
•  Near Unity Power Factor
•  Output Voltage can be Stepped Up or Down
•  Inherent Load Sharing
Abstract: Three Phase Active Power Factor Correction in a Single Step

Isolated, Regulated DC Output in One Conversion Reduces Cost, Complexity and Risk

Invented by: Joseph F. Youssef, Senior Electrical Engineer, Marotta Controls

By converting three phase AC power to DC voltage for ready use in military and industrial applications, today’s advanced power electronics circuitry is enabling the replacement of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems in mission-critical settings.  The resulting improvements is Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C) are driving advancements in military platforms, shipboard systems and commercial aircraft.  High performance power electronics must continue to improve, yet these solutions historically require a complex multi-step process to rectify AC to DC and further achieve regulation and isolation of output.  While power factor correction and current distortion are key challenges in this process, existing conversion options such as auto transformer rectification units (ATRUs) and Vienna rectifiers can only solve these issues by accepting performance trade-offs that negatively impact weight, efficiency, size and cost.  To remove these limitations and improve performance of power electronics designs, Marotta Controls has developed 1-STEP AC-DC Conversion, an innovative topology for three phase active power factor correction.  Groundbreaking because it achieves regulation and isolation in a single step, 1-STEP technology not only simplifies complex circuitry, it creates a significant design advantage with reduced size and weight, extremely low harmonics (<3%) and unity power factor.

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